Expand Your Awareness with Return to Love

20120729-super-soul-sunday-marianne-williamson-love-book-220x312Wednesday, September 28th 1-3PM

Intro to A Course in Miracles $25/class (in advance series: $80, save $20)

Throughout this series of classes (four total), we will be looking at Marianne Williamson’s series “A Return to Love”. Each class will help expand our awareness from what we presently know to looking at life with a fresh, new approach. This workshop is an overview of “A Course in Miracles”, which is filled with spiritual psychology (not religious teachings).

Are you ready to live in a world without fear or judgment? Then this is the learning opportunity that you have been looking for! You will be inspired by Marianne’s emotional and thought-provoking insights, participate in discussions on our own journey and hear how others have applied these principles to their lives.

Come and learn how these principles can improve your life!

Nancy Zick at healinggrace2008@gmail.com or 262-745-3380

Upcoming Class Schedule:
Expand Your Awareness with A Return to Love series

  • October 26 – Relationships
  • November 30 – Career and Money
  • December 28 – Health

All classes 1-3:00 p.m.

Print the flier now: Expand Your Awareness with A Return to Love